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Who Said Assisted Living in Grayson Can’t Be Fun?

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Who Said Assisted Living in Grayson Can’t Be Fun?

Assisted Living in Grayson is surrounded by misconceptions. The right senior living community will empower individuals and work hard to maintain their independence and privacy. Dogwood Forest in Grayson’s mission is to ensure seniors have access to the activities and assistance they need to feel right at home. Despite this, we know making the move to assisted living is a huge step. This is why Dogwood is reinventing “assisted living” to mean “enriched living.” Let’s go through a typical active day at Dogwood Forest to show you how comfortable and luxurious enriched living in Grayson can be!… Read more...

Dogwood Forest of Grayson to Host Grand Opening

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Dogwood Forest of Grayson will host it’s formal Grand Opening on October 5th. The event will cap off the soft opening of the community which began in August. The event is open to the public.

Dogwood Forest of Grayson, located in the heart of Grayson, Georgia on Grayson Highway, is the fourth community for the Dogwood Forest brand. The community began construction in 2016 and concluded in July. The community’s first residents settled into their new home in August. The Grand Opening will allow visitors to see the unparalleled amenities the community has to offer while enjoying hors d’ oeuvres and live jazz.

Come and join us!


Patient Medication Errors are on the Rise

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Elderly person taking medication, two different pills

A recent study has been released, outlining the fact that more patients are making medication errors than ever before. Of those who make these errors, one-third end up hospitalized. Many people are aware that they either  may have made or have made a mistake and put in a call to the U.S. Poison Control Center. The center receives such a call approximately every two minutes.

When a medication error is reported, the person often says that they took the wrong dose. Others say that they took a double dose, and still others report having mistakenly taken another person’s medication. About 14 of the calls the poison control center receives every day result in medical treatment due to the serious nature of the mistake.

Heart Drugs

The most common errors involve cardiovascular drugs. It’s likely that the number of mistakes are … Read more...

First Move-In Day at Grayson!

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We are ecstatic to move-in our first residents at our newly opened Dogwood Forest of Grayson community! Construction began on the 99- unit residence in January 2016, and we’re moving in our first residents today! The community boast a beautiful courtyard area, theatre, wellness center, and much more! We’re located at 1754 Grayson Highway, Grayson, Georgia. Come on by for a visit and take a tour!


 …