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Wondering What to Say When You Pray?

Posted by Kia Crawford on May 14th, 2012 in Spirit | No Comments

Many people struggle with prayer. Some feel they must be eloquent with their words in order to relay the prayer properly. However, prayer does not require flowered language or eloquence.  Prayer is your communication with God. It is the most personal of all communication. God listens to your heart over your words. We often pray corporately at Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Fayetteville often. We know that what we do as a profession has a special purpose. However, this special purpose must also be properly ordered, and to ensure that it is,we must seek God. We recommend that our employees pray individually about all things because prayer gives you the opportunity to speak and listen to God.  In this intimate time, you can share your inner most thoughts. Jesus instructs us on how to pray in Matthews 6:7-8.

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Does Your Dog Benefit Your Health?

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Walking through the halls of any Dogwood Forest community, you will probably come in contact with one of our friendly residents who walks on all fours. Okay, that seems a little strange, but what I’m referring to are our canine and feline friends. We have pets in all of our Dogwood Forest communities including Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Dunwoody, Ga. because we know that over the years scientific evidence has supported pet therapy. Plus, they just make us feel good!

Health Benefits Associated with Pet’s

Pets can be helpful, loving companions and can uplift our spirits when we are down. Pets are known to aid in the healing process. They are also related to other positive outcome in the following areas:

Improved mood: For those of us who have pets, we know how good it feels for your … Read more...

Dogwood Forest of Fayetteville Host Annual Spring Brunch

Posted by Kia Crawford on April 28th, 2012 in Fayetteville, GA, Spirit | No Comments

Spring has definitely sprung! Dogwood Forest Assisted living in Fayetteville, Ga brought the season in full bloom as they celebrated the annual Spring Brunch in April. Residents and families were invited to enjoy a smorgasbord of food. Families enjoyed a fabulous brunch that consisted of breakfast chef stations with omelets, pancakes, eggs, bacon, and turkey sausage, biscuits, danishes and muffins. Lunch chef stations included roast beef, baked chicken, fried chicken, mac and cheese, summer salad, green beans and rolls. The community was decorated beautifully with spring pastels and flowers. Residents, families and team members enjoyed all of the festivities. Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Fayetteville in Ga. is well known for its wonderful events in the community. The community often host the Fayette Chamber of Commerce and other community events.

Stay tune for more events in the summer months!

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Music Therapy for Cognitive Impairments

Posted by Kia Crawford on April 11th, 2012 in Education, Fayetteville, GA, Mind, Research, Spirit | No Comments

We’ve all heard a song we’ve recognized from years past that has triggered some type of emotion or memory. Many of us have used music in way that could be considered therapeutic. However, did you know music therapy is actually used in healthcare for people with many disorders and diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairments?

Engaging the memory impaired through music has been studied extensively in the last few years. Many studies have shown older adults making significant strides while participating in this type of therapy. I’ve written before on the benefits of music therapy for seniors with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s. The therapy is truly remarkable, and so is the video below about Henry. Henry,  a resident at a nursing home, had been virtually incoherent and minimally unresponsive for 10 years due to the affects of … Read more...

Jesus’ Sacrifice

Posted by Kia Crawford on April 8th, 2012 in Fayetteville, GA, Holidays, Spirit | No Comments

As we prepared for Easter here at Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Fayetteville, Ga, I reflected on the true meaning of  Easter, the sacrifice of my Savior and how Jesus died just so I could truly live. Many of us may not realize the pain Jesus went through on this day. Execution  by crucifixion was a slow death.  Our Savior went through unimaginable anguish and agony. Its important to put the actual crucifixion into perspective, so that our human minds could better understand his sacrifice. Its important that we don’t sanitize his death.

Hemathidrosis, which is the phenomenon where the body is under so much stress that capillaries break and is mixed with sweat, was evident as drops of blood poured from his skin. His back ripped from repeated flogging until what was left was a bloody mass of … Read more...

Believers Should Embrace Optimism

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My industry allows me to work with a special population of people. People like the residents who live at Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Fayetteville, Ga. give me optimism as I read their stories and see their faces, imagining that the crevices I see our simply life’s experiences etched across their skin. They give me hope that with the right attitude and wisdom, I can one day wear my many experiences too. When I encounter many of our residents, their spirits shine with optimism. Regardless of their decreased mobility or health issues, the glass always seems half full. I received a interview recently on a resident who is turning 100 years old next week. Her daughter shared with us in the interview, that when asked how she feels, her mother always replies, “I am still here.”  While humorous, I believe … Read more...

God’s Care for Detail

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When you think about the size of the universe, we are so small really. Our planet crawling with tiny creatures only make up such a small part of God’s magnificent universe. From the heavens, I’m sure we look like tiny worker bees going about the earth. If we had God’s angle, we would probably seem so insignificant compared to the phenomenal universe God has created.  Our carnality would not allow us to understand or comprehend the love, hope and faith that God has in each of us. It is amazing how much faith and hope He has in the little planet with the little creatures crawling about. Regardless of the darkness that travels the earth, His light shines like slivers of hope, confirming that as dark as it might seem, we are far from alone. We are part of God’s … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Patricia S. Garner

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Patricia, a resident of Dogwood Forest’s senior living community in Dunwoody, GA, grew up in Little Rock Arkansas, the oldest of six children. Along came four sisters and number six, a boy! Patricia remembers her mother not allowing anyone on staff at the hospital to tell her father they had a boy so she could share the exciting news.  

Memories of childhood included family vacations to the beaches of North Carolina (after all, only Yankee’s went to Florida) and singing in the cathedral of Mt. Saint Mary’s in Little Rock.

During the war, gasoline shortages became a challenge when trying to be sure that family members would be able to return home after a family wedding.

But other wise, Patricia can not recall hardships caused by goods that were rationed.

Patricia would give young college graduates advise to ‘Read”, … Read more...