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Dogwood Forest Is Set Apart: It’s Simple Science

Posted by Kia Crawford on October 14th, 2016 in Research | No Comments

Dogwood Forest Assisted Living Communities operates communities all over the Metro Atlanta area. This is one of the most competitive markets for assisted living, so Dogwood Forest has taken a different approach. Every aspect of their communities, down to even the furniture in the common areas, has been thoroughly researched to be optimal for seniors.

The smallest details in an environment can have drastic effects on moods and the health of residents. Dogwood Forest takes this fact into consideration and creates communities that improve the mental, emotional and physical health of every senior who lives there. Here are just a few ways they do so:

Sunlight: A Key to Health

Too many assisted living communities and retirement homes utilize fluorescent lighting throughout their communities. That cold, harsh light can do more than just drag down residents’ moods. It can also … Read more...

How Dogwood Forest Is Defying National Statistics

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Every year, the United Health Foundation releases a myriad of statistics regarding senior health. One of the most important figures is related to how well seniors can thrive in various states. In the most recent report, Massachusetts was ranked number one in the country. At the other end of the spectrum, Louisiana ranked 50th.

Like most of the Southeast, Georgia did not rank too well. According to the report, our state ranked 39th when it comes to senior health. There are many different measures that formed the ranking, from physical inactivity to hospital care. At Dogwood Forest, we know we can’t fix every problem in the state. However, we are working hard to make sure our residents get the care they need.

What the Statistics Show

The United Health Foundation evaluated about 30 different measures to determine each state’s … Read more...

What We Really Know About Alzheimer’s

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Chances are you know someone, either directly or indirectly, who has been affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Even if you don’t, you have read the stories and know just how devastating the condition is. Victims suffer from confusion, memory loss and even begin losing their sense of self. The brain slowly deteriorates and, eventually, claims the life of the person affected. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure.

However, June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. People across the country, including many celebrities, are banding together to bring awareness to this terrible disease and urging everyone to do their part in ending Alzheimer’s. While the most common way to help is donating to causes researching cures, you can also educate yourself on the warning signs of Alzheimer’s to begin the fight against it early on.

A History Lesson of Alzheimer’s 

Around …

The Man Who Wasn’t There: What Exactly Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

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No doubt you’ve heard of Alzheimer’s Disease. It causes memory loss and slowly destroys the brain. There have been vast leaps forward in the prevention and treatment of this disease recently as we begin to understand it more. There have also been new, fascinating  breakthroughs in understanding exactly how it really affects the brain and all aspects of the mind.

In The Man Who Wasn’t There: Investigations into the Strange New Science of the Self, author Anil Ananthaswamy explores how different conditions, from Alzheimer’s to out-of-body experiences, affect the concept of the Self. That is, if the concept of the “Self” even exists. Through investigations of different parts of the mind and ideas like the human narrative, Ananthaswamy reveals what Alzheimer’s actually is and how it affects our minds.

Symptoms, Physical and Neurological 

Alzheimer’s disease was first classified in …

Self Screening for Dementia Using Just a Pen and Pad

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Self Screening for mild dementia and early Alzheimer’s? Check. A screening for mild dementia and early Alzheimer’s that takes 15 minutes? Check. A screening for mild dementia and early Alzheimer’s that takes just 15 minutes AND you only need a pen and a pad? Check.

Thanks to Ohio State University, we now have the SAGE test for early cognitive impairments. The test is a FREE  screening available online; which allows you to spot the signs of cognitive decline before they become too advanced. The beauty of the self test is that it can be done in just 15 minutes notifying you of when you might need to have a conversation with your doctor about cognitive impairments. This is exciting news to our Dogwood Forest communities because like many assisted living communities, our prospects and families are not always aware … Read more...

Neuroscience Project Could Shine Light on the Elusive Brain

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It’s fascinating to think about how the brain truly works. The intricacy of its functionality is astounding. To think, the body’s connections only work because of our brains. For years, scientists have been interested in solving the mystery behind the brains interworking, but due to the lack of advanced technology, we have been unable to uncover the true power behind the brain. However, we are now in 2014 and technology allows us to dig much deeper into our cognitive function and other neurological mysteries. The brain is elusive with a myriad of codes, but with governmental interest resurgence reaching to the executive branch again within the last couple of years, Alzheimer’s research and other neurological research may get the necessary funding to finally crack the code. With teams of researchers, like the ones at Washington University, the brains elusiveness may … Read more...

Just Keep Swimming

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Want to offset the ravages of time? “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!” Okay, I couldn’t resist a little Finding Nemo humor.

The longer we remain active, the better we feel and perhaps longer we live. We certainly get our share of activity here at Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Alpharetta. Just because we grow older does not mean we should stop being physically active and strive for optimal fitness. Older adults have been staying active a number of ways including fun aerobics and less strenuous exercises such as walking. Walking is certainly affective, but can become redundant after a while. One great way to exercise, even beyond the the summer month, is swimming. The benefits of swimming are numerous and many seniors have taken up this refreshing form of exercise.

Benefits of Swimming

Water exercise is an excellent …

Many with Alzheimer’s Suffer Vision Problems

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Working in the senior living industry and with residents with memory impairments at Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Fayetteville, I know there are great challenges for those with Alzheimer’s.  The loss of memory is just one side affect of this disease. Many Alzheimer residents experience problems such as extreme confusion, mood swings, loss of appetite and tactility. However, Alzheimer’s is exacerbated by vision problems specifically with depth of perception and visual spatial coordination. Mistakenly,  some may attribute some of the issues seen in Alzheimer’s patients to the loss of memory.  However, problems such as bumping into furniture and the inability to contrast between colors and objects can be contributed to changes in their vision. Many researchers believe the changes in vision are a result of the deterioration of the side of the brain responsible for processing visual information, … Read more...

Does Your Dog Benefit Your Health?

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Walking through the halls of any Dogwood Forest community, you will probably come in contact with one of our friendly residents who walks on all fours. Okay, that seems a little strange, but what I’m referring to are our canine and feline friends. We have pets in all of our Dogwood Forest communities including Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Dunwoody, Ga. because we know that over the years scientific evidence has supported pet therapy. Plus, they just make us feel good!

Health Benefits Associated with Pet’s

Pets can be helpful, loving companions and can uplift our spirits when we are down. Pets are known to aid in the healing process. They are also related to other positive outcome in the following areas:

Improved mood: For those of us who have pets, we know how good it feels for your … Read more...

Tea Consumption Can Improve Your Health

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Did you know that tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world? Tea has been embedded in Eastern culture for hundreds of years because it was thought to bring good health, wellness and wisdom. Now, researchers in the West are starting to take notice of the health benefits and are now researching the benefits of tea consumption as well. In the United States, more people in recent years have changed from drinking their morning brew of coffee to enjoying tea because of its known health qualities. Although, over 80% of tea in the U.S  is consumed cold unlike the rest of the world, more and more Americans are starting to catch on to hot tea.  Although, in the southern United States sweet iced tea is the reigning king, more Southerners in the senior age group are starting to … Read more...