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Thanksgiving With Your Senior Loved One: 7 Dementia Signs to Look For

Posted by Kia Crawford on November 26th, 2014 in Education, Holidays, Mind | No Comments

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means the holidays are officially upon us. Families all around the country are all gathering together to give thanks and to feast until they can barely move. Yes, this is a great time in America! But the holiday season is also the time that you may notice that an aging loved one isn’t who they once were. They may not be as independent anymore or perhaps not as lucid. You may notice some physical changes. Maybe they are falling or needing assistance to move around. You may also notice that they are speaking in loops, repeating themselves frequently during conversation or  you are having to repeat yourself frequently while conversing with them. These could all be a signs of cognitive decline.

Spotting early signs of dementia happens most often during holiday gatherings because this is the … Read more...

Today Show Spotlights the Impact of Alzheimer’s on Women

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More than 5 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease. However, historically, women have  been disproportionately affected by the debilitating disease. Last week, The Today Show broadcasted a segment based on a recent report released by the Alzheimer’s Association on how Alzheimer’s disease disproportionately affects women either as patients or caregivers .  Here are a few astonishing  facts presented in the report:

According to Alzheimer’s Association, 3.2.million women have Alzheimer’s. At 65, 1 out 6 women will develop Alzheimer’s versus 1 out 11 men. When a woman reaches her 60’s, she is 2 times more likely to get Alzheimer’s than breast cancer.

Along with the recent report from the Alzheimer’s Association, a  another  informative Foundation,  Brightfocus,  funding for cancer is 10 times higher than funding for Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is the only leading cause death in the United  States that … Read more...

Self Screening for Dementia Using Just a Pen and Pad

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Self Screening for mild dementia and early Alzheimer’s? Check. A screening for mild dementia and early Alzheimer’s that takes 15 minutes? Check. A screening for mild dementia and early Alzheimer’s that takes just 15 minutes AND you only need a pen and a pad? Check.

Thanks to Ohio State University, we now have the SAGE test for early cognitive impairments. The test is a FREE  screening available online; which allows you to spot the signs of cognitive decline before they become too advanced. The beauty of the self test is that it can be done in just 15 minutes notifying you of when you might need to have a conversation with your doctor about cognitive impairments. This is exciting news to our Dogwood Forest communities because like many assisted living communities, our prospects and families are not always aware … Read more...

Neuroscience Project Could Shine Light on the Elusive Brain

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It’s fascinating to think about how the brain truly works. The intricacy of its functionality is astounding. To think, the body’s connections only work because of our brains. For years, scientists have been interested in solving the mystery behind the brains interworking, but due to the lack of advanced technology, we have been unable to uncover the true power behind the brain. However, we are now in 2014 and technology allows us to dig much deeper into our cognitive function and other neurological mysteries. The brain is elusive with a myriad of codes, but with governmental interest resurgence reaching to the executive branch again within the last couple of years, Alzheimer’s research and other neurological research may get the necessary funding to finally crack the code. With teams of researchers, like the ones at Washington University, the brains elusiveness may … Read more...

Many with Alzheimer’s Suffer Vision Problems

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Working in the senior living industry and with residents with memory impairments at Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Fayetteville, I know there are great challenges for those with Alzheimer’s.  The loss of memory is just one side affect of this disease. Many Alzheimer residents experience problems such as extreme confusion, mood swings, loss of appetite and tactility. However, Alzheimer’s is exacerbated by vision problems specifically with depth of perception and visual spatial coordination. Mistakenly,  some may attribute some of the issues seen in Alzheimer’s patients to the loss of memory.  However, problems such as bumping into furniture and the inability to contrast between colors and objects can be contributed to changes in their vision. Many researchers believe the changes in vision are a result of the deterioration of the side of the brain responsible for processing visual information, … Read more...

Great Benefits of Red Wine

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For years, researchers have documented the healthful benefits of red wine. It has been a staple in human diets for thousands of years. Wine was first fermented around 6,000 b.c. in the Georgia region between Europe and Asia. Wine was known to have healthful benefits. Red Wine was known to be

healthful then, and substantial scientific evidence is proof that we should include red wine in our diets. With its warm and robust flavor, red wine is has several health benefits from fighting fat to fighting ovarian cancer.

Benefits of Red Wine

Fights Memory Loss: The resveratrol in red wine helps to protect the brain against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Dementia and Alzheimer’s prevention is especially important to Dogwood Forest of Gainesville.

Longevity: Not only does the resveratrol found in red wine help to protect against Alzheimer’s and dementia, … Read more...

Pat Summit Steps Down Due To Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Posted by Kia Crawford on April 20th, 2012 in Mind | 1 Comment

Yesterday, an icon in women’s basketball, Pat Summit,  stepped down from the head coach position she held for 38 years. She ends with a record of 1,098-208. She earned 8 national championships with 22 final four visits. She is the most revered coach in all of women’s basketball, and I would not ruffle many feathers by suggesting, that perhaps, she is the all time greatest coach of any sport.  She is a legend. But last year, she noticed changes. The change was gradual, but nevertheless she was different. Sadly, at the age of 58, Summit learned she had early onset Alzheimer’s.

Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Early onset Alzheimer’s affects people younger than 65. It accounts for less than 5% of the 5.4 million people suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. Early onset Alzheimer’s can affect people in their 30s, but it is seen … Read more...

Music Therapy for Cognitive Impairments

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We’ve all heard a song we’ve recognized from years past that has triggered some type of emotion or memory. Many of us have used music in way that could be considered therapeutic. However, did you know music therapy is actually used in healthcare for people with many disorders and diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairments?

Engaging the memory impaired through music has been studied extensively in the last few years. Many studies have shown older adults making significant strides while participating in this type of therapy. I’ve written before on the benefits of music therapy for seniors with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s. The therapy is truly remarkable, and so is the video below about Henry. Henry,  a resident at a nursing home, had been virtually incoherent and minimally unresponsive for 10 years due to the affects of … Read more...