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Top Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease to Watch Out For

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's Disease To Watch Out For feature image

Family members become concerned when an elderly loved one begins to exhibit signs of memory loss. Alzheimer’s Disease is often the first thing that comes to mind.

If you believe that your loved one has become forgetful and confused, it’s important that you know the top signs of the disease, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.… Read more...

Is It Time to Take the Keys from Grandma?

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senior woman driving car

Arguably one of the most American traditions is being able to hop in the car and drive wherever your heart desires. Road trips are inherent to our culture and are often considered a rite of passage. Even as we get older, that urge to hit the open road doesn’t really diminish. Luckily, many older individuals are perfectly capable of driving safely, even into their 70s and 80s. However, age does have an effect on our ability to be completely safe behind the wheel.

It’s a sad fact that advanced age usually diminishes reaction time. In addition, older individuals who are in an accident are much more likely to be seriously injured. Yet, asking our loved ones to give up the freedom of driving is often a difficult task. If you aren’t sure whether or not it’s time to take the … Read more...

Alzheimer’s Care at Dogwood Forest: 5 Ways We Fight Dementia

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When your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, it’s important to make sure that they have the proper care they need in order to keep them active, happy and safe. The medical community has discovered that the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease can be delayed by an average of six years through the incorporation of clinically proven non-drug therapies, even after the disease has begun.

As an industry leader in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia care at Dogwood Forest, we pride ourselves in giving the best possible care in the fight against the progression of dementia. Our Memory Care program and innovative living environments center around the most promising medical science in the fight against dementia.

Below, learn how we help prevent the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease:

We provide a healthy and balanced diet.

 Eating a …

Three Ways to Find the ALZ Support You Need

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June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, and we are doing our part to educate the community about this disease and what we can do to help. Recently we discussed the history and science behind Alzheimer’s Disease. Those elements are vital; however, another crucial key to fighting Alzheimer’s Disease is to find the support you need in your community.

Both caregivers and those who suffer from this disease need the right resources to help them navigate this difficult journey. We’ve compiled a few ways you can start:

Find an online support group.

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s Disease can leave little time for attending support group meetings. However, there are forums online that you can join to find support and advice from other caregivers who can relate to your circumstances. Websites like are great places to look for online … Read more...

What We Really Know About Alzheimer’s

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Chances are you know someone, either directly or indirectly, who has been affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Even if you don’t, you have read the stories and know just how devastating the condition is. Victims suffer from confusion, memory loss and even begin losing their sense of self. The brain slowly deteriorates and, eventually, claims the life of the person affected. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure.

However, June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. People across the country, including many celebrities, are banding together to bring awareness to this terrible disease and urging everyone to do their part in ending Alzheimer’s. While the most common way to help is donating to causes researching cures, you can also educate yourself on the warning signs of Alzheimer’s to begin the fight against it early on.

A History Lesson of Alzheimer’s 

Around …

Spring Cleaning Made Simple

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Spring is in the air! Of course, for many of us in the Southeast, it never left. But soon it will be time for gardening, fresh flowers, and spring cleaning.

No one relishes the idea of de-cluttering his or her living space. But once it’s done, we always seem to be happier. There are a few great ways to make spring cleaning less work and more fun.

And since you want to make sure you do a thorough job (so you don’t find yourself doing summer or fall cleaning), here are some easy questions to ask yourself while you are deciding what to toss out and what to keep forever – or at least until next spring.

1) Do I need this?

Everyone has a few items in their space that must absolutely stay. Tax documents, birth Read more...

The Man Who Wasn’t There: What Exactly Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

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No doubt you’ve heard of Alzheimer’s Disease. It causes memory loss and slowly destroys the brain. There have been vast leaps forward in the prevention and treatment of this disease recently as we begin to understand it more. There have also been new, fascinating  breakthroughs in understanding exactly how it really affects the brain and all aspects of the mind.

In The Man Who Wasn’t There: Investigations into the Strange New Science of the Self, author Anil Ananthaswamy explores how different conditions, from Alzheimer’s to out-of-body experiences, affect the concept of the Self. That is, if the concept of the “Self” even exists. Through investigations of different parts of the mind and ideas like the human narrative, Ananthaswamy reveals what Alzheimer’s actually is and how it affects our minds.

Symptoms, Physical and Neurological 

Alzheimer’s disease was first classified in …

Foster a Service Puppy — And 9 Other Things for Seniors to Try in the New Year

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Foster a Puppy
Resolutions are for Quitters!

The person who sets a resolution and is still sticking with it in February is an impressive one. Making major changes in our lives is difficult to do, especially long term, and we often set unobtainable goals and expectations for ourselves and end up quitting within the first few weeks. Failing never feels good, so why not resolve to keep it fresh in 2016. You’ve probably made a lot of resolutions in your life, so as a senior, why not resolve instead to try something you’ve never done in this lifetime? Prepare to meet interesting people along the way, learn A LOT, and make some memories.

Play Pickleball

Pickleball is really catching on across the United States and is popular for all ages! From mommy leagues and youth leagues to Senior leagues and clubs, Pickleball is … Read more...

How to Cure a “Blue Christmas” for Seniors

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The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, togetherness and caring for those around us. But for many seniors, the holiday season is anything but that. Many seniors find themselves dreading the holidays as they approach, and rather than taking joy in them, they find themselves feeling sad and alone—even with family around. This effect is known as “Blue Christmas.”

There are many causes of Blue Christmas. It can be because a senior can’t fully participate in holiday traditions (like decorating their house), because it reminds them of times past that will not come again, or simply because it underscores a loneliness they feel every day. It can range from a wistful, sad feeling to full-on depression. And this sense of isolation can affect far more than their happiness; it can affect their health.

How Isolation Affects…

Dogwood Forest to Host SMARTTALKS

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Dogwood Forest in conjunction with The Holbrook  of Lake Lanier and The Longstreet Clinic will be hosting SMARTTALKS, our quarterly session to inform the surrounding community on  important topics that relates to senior adults. This SMARTTALKS session will be  “Steady On Your Feet- A Balancing Act!” The session will address risk factors for falls.  The speaker for this event are Dr.McDonald  and Dr. Marchman and Shaun Brennan, PT.


Falls and fractures in people over 65 are very serious.

1 in 4 senior adults will recover to their same level. 2 in 4 senior adults will decline at least one level of mobility 1 in 4 senior adults will die within 6 months following a major fracture

There will be a complimentary dinner provided! RSVP today!




 …

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