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Discussing Finances With Your Aging Parents


One of the most uncomfortable conversations you can have with your parents can be the one about money. Studies show that over 75% of adult children have not had a conversation about their parents’ finances. A simple conversation can help you make the best decision for your parents, whether that be senior living options or after-retirement life. At Dogwood Forest, your senior living community of Dunwoody, Acworth and Grayson, we have created a list of ways to talk with your senior adult parents about their finances and wish for the future.

 How To Get Started

Some adults may not know what their next steps should be financially or they do not want to burden their children with extra stress, but talking about your parents’ finances will do more good than bad. Growing old doesn’t automatically mean you stop living … Read more...

Talking to Your Senior Parents About Giving up Driving

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Starting a candid conversation with your elderly loved ones about difficult topics can be challenging. Real estate planning and finances, assisted living and long-term care, it’s usually unpleasant to discuss these topics with them. However, many adults have admitted that the hardest conversation to have with their senior parents is to tell them to stop driving. Most of the time, driving symbolizes a person’s independence, so to tell your parents that you need to take their car keys away can give an impression of disabling them. As senior living experts in Dunwoody, GA, we understand your concern, and we would like to suggest a few ways to tackle this issue. … Read more...

Documenting Our Patriots, Preserving Your Family’s History

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Today, we remember the veterans of our great country. As the years go by, more and more veterans from World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War are getting older and passing away. Their stories may be lost to future generations if not documented properly. As a leading assisted living facility, we are well-experienced in providing care for elderly veterans. In honor of the heroes who answered their country’s call in the time of need, we would like to share with you a few ways to keep their memories alive and preserve your family and our patriots’ histories. … Read more...

Discussing End-of-Life Plans With Your Parents

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Growing up, you might think that the birds-and-bees conversation was the most uncomfortable one to have with your parents. However, as time flies by and your parents are approaching a different stage in life, end-of-life concerns arise. As uneasy as this issue is, it should not be left undiscussed. At our assisted living center in Dunwoody, Georgia, we have provided many families with guidance on navigating this prickly topic. Therefore, we would like to suggest a few ways to make the end-of-life discussion with your parents easier. 

 …

Let’s Get Physical: Encouraging Movement for Your Senior Loved Ones

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Stay Active with Your Loved Ones in Assisted Living 

Physical and mental health are important to people of all ages. Remaining physically active is still possible for senior adults, so and exercising at that age can be done through enjoyable hobbies. Having an appropriate activity level is key, and here are different ways for your senior loved one to still live their lives to the fullest.  … Read more...

Dogwood Assisted Living Communities Offer 8 Tips For Inspiring Activity In Seniors

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Keep Your Mind And Body Active As You Age

As adults get older, they tend to become less active. This can be attributed to more aches and pains, less energy, or fewer friends to exercise with. Regardless, this is a natural trend that can be easily reversed. A recent study by the National Institute on Aging found that physical activity is linked to better cognition in senior adults, even for those with dementia. Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Atlanta, Acworth, Dunwoody and Grayson offer these 8 ways seniors can engage their minds and bodies for healthy aging.… Read more...

Who Said Assisted Living in Grayson Can’t Be Fun?

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Who Said Assisted Living in Grayson Can’t Be Fun?

Assisted Living in Grayson is surrounded by misconceptions. The right senior living community will empower individuals and work hard to maintain their independence and privacy. Dogwood Forest in Grayson’s mission is to ensure seniors have access to the activities and assistance they need to feel right at home. Despite this, we know making the move to assisted living is a huge step. This is why Dogwood is reinventing “assisted living” to mean “enriched living.” Let’s go through a typical active day at Dogwood Forest to show you how comfortable and luxurious enriched living in Grayson can be!… Read more...