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4 Reasons to Consider Assisted Living for Mom

Recently we released a brand new infographic showing why people choose assisted living for their mothers. An assisted living environment has many benefits both for older women and for their families and loved ones who are concerned about their wellbeing. Today we wanted to look at some of those benefits in more detail.

Four of the key benefits called out in the infographic include:

#1 Relief from Social Isolation

Relief from social isolation. All too often we don’t realize how lonely older relatives feel when they live alone—or what a toll that can take on their health. Seniors typically have less opportunities for social visits or fun outings than they did when they were younger. They may look to family to be their main social outlet, but there’s a limit to what family members can provide, especially when working full-time … Read more...

Dunwoody Commemorates September 11 with Breakfast

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Dogwood Forest of Dunwoody Host Heroes Breakfast for Emergency Personnel and Military for September 11

A somber event in American history took place September 11, 2001. Fourteen years later, lives lost on that day have not been forgotten, but forever etched in our memories. In honor of them, we celebrate emergency personnel and soldiers who put their lives on the line daily. For their dedication to public service, Dogwood Forest of Dunwoody is hosting a “Thank You: Celebrating Our Heroes” breakfast on Friday, September 11th. All emergency personnel including Fire, Police, and EMT are welcomed. And as always, we will also honor our veterans and members of the armed forces. Please join us as we thank those courageous men and women who serve the pubic risking their lives everyday. We want to honor you and your bravery!

Please Come and

Resident Spotlight: Rochelle Smith

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Rochelle’s parents migrated from Germany after World War II to New York, NY. Her brother has the distinction of being the first Jewish boy born after the war in Germany.

Her father was a builder. Prior to the war, he wired electricity in a sewer and created a hiding place fornot only her parents, but 24 other people. Her mom was much loved by the local baker. Every night, the baker would drop bread through an opening so the group of 26 would not starve. These 26 escaped being sent to camps, but in their own way, had their own version of Holocaust.

On Long Island, Rochelle always remembered having a family dog, and to this day so enjoys her two dogs Ripley, age 2, and Bailey, who is 14 years old.

Rochelle quickly found out that she was not … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Brad and Bernice Katz

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Brad and Bernice Katz met 52 years ago and have been married just as long. They were set up on a blind lunch date and married four months later. He was living in North Carolina at the time, she in Atlanta, working in a community center on Peachtree. They had no interested in an extended long-distance  romance.

The Katz are long time residents of Sandy Springs. They owned and operated Plaza Sportswear for more than 30 years.

Bernice has resided at Dogwood Forest of Dunwoody for just shy of two years, and Brad visits her every single day.

Today, they might live apart, but it’s very apparent upon watching their interactions that their bond remains strong.… Read more...

Saluting our Veterans: Veterans Day 2014

Having lived through times of world unrest, many of our community’s residents have faced great challenges as well as triumphs as veterans of the armed forces. Their personal memories from their service are forever etched in their minds, and their unique experiences forever etched in the bowels of world history. Today, we look upon their service and dedication with great reverence and a thankful heart for their courageous sacrifices. November 11th marks this nation’s Veterans Day. A day to remember the many that have served. Today each of our communities honored our senior veterans with a Veterans Day service in partnership with local ROTC programs and active members of the military.

Though many of our residents have served in all branches of the armed forces,  we would also like to mention our community directors  who have also served. Some of … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Ed Mallory

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Our Dunwoody resident spotlight for October is Edward Mallory. Mr. Mallory was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He served our country in the U.S. Army during World War II, and served his community as a pharmacist at Wender & Roberts Pharmacy in Atlanta for 35 years. 

He and his wife, Jane, are blessed with five daughters, thirteen grandchildren, and two great  grand children. He enjoys spending time with his family, boating, and music. He is a very talented singer, and he has performed in the chorus of Mr. Robert Shaw, as well as at many special church events and weddings. We are very pleased to call Ed Mallory our friend and a valued member of our community.… Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Marion Vinson

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Marion Vinson is our resident spotlight for September.

Born in Chicago Il.,  her father was a barber and her mom was in the home with Marion and her brother and sister. Marion’s mom recalls her drawing on the walls in the home, always chickens, always upside down. After learning to play the piano, Marion played for a children’s dance studio while in high school.

Marion was educated at AAA & AIC and became a commercial artist. After working in that field for a few years, Marion requested a leave of absence to work on a Dude Ranch in Wisconsin. There is where she met her husband Gene. He was a cowboy working as the furrier. He was also a writer, publisher and artist.  After they married, they moved to Wickenburg, Az. to manage the Chamber of Commerce and created  the … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Eva Wilson

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Ms. Eva was born in  Sylvester, Georgia in 1926.

Ms. Eva had an older sister and was raised by her grandparents.  She lived on a little farm on the edge of the city limits where she recalls hearing the bells of the clock chime.  Her grandparents had a chicken  house where she often  pretended to be in church preaching to the chickens.  She even recollects “bogging” with her best friend, where ditches would fill up with water and they would have tons of fun.

In 1941 after graduating from high school, she remembers vividly when Pearl Harbor was attacked. She says of that time, “We were really afraid.”  Her brother-in-law introduced her to one of his very good friends named William, who happen to be in the Air Force at that time.  After a couple of years of courting they … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: William Ernest Smith

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Our Resident Spotlight for August is William Ernest Smith, also known as “Smitty” & WES, but prefers to be called “Bill”. Bill was born and raised in Gloucester, N.J. In his senior year of High School, he joined the Navy to fight for his country during WWII. The Navy allowed him to finish High School then go to active duty. After his active duty was complete, he was in the National Guard Reserves.

Upon returning home from WWII, Bill was self-employed with WES, Incorporated. He delivered chips and pretzels to small business owners and factories.

Bill soon found himself to be a single parent, relying on his two older children to care for the two younger ones. While on his route, he would stop  for lunch and became acquainted with Bettie while dining in her luncheonette. After a brief time … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Judith Kacar

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Judith Kacar is our resident spotlight for July. Born in Rhode Island, Judith lived communally with her sister, patents, and grandparents. She was exposed to both Slavic and English languages. Many discussions around the dinner table focused on learning English and assimilating to the ways of life in America. Judith’s father and grandfather were associated with Esso(Exxon.) Her mother quickly climbed the retail ladder to become an Assistant Store Manager. 

Judith has fond memories of the snow and cold winters while living in Rhode Island, but when Judith’s grandfather experienced a series of nine heart attacks, a recommendation was made to move to a warmer climate. They choose Orlando , Florida. After high school Judith married and moved to Dallas ,TX. where her son was born. A neighbor also with a young child didn’t speak English so she and Judith … Read more...

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