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Resident Spotlight: Carolyn Hargreaves

Posted by Kia Crawford on December 21st, 2015 in Alpharetta, GA | No Comments

Where did you grow up? Atlanta, Georgia.  I was born in Ludlow, KY in 1932, during the Depression and Dad, who was with Southern Railway, moved our family to Atlanta when I was only three (3) months old.  I consider myself a native Atlantan.

What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood? I was basically raised by my father with five brothers and one sister.  We lived in the Cascade area and attended West End Baptist Church.  My father served the church as a Deacon and I recall going with him on many home visits and just sitting and listening to what he had to say.  I remember being on the front porch with my family, making homemade peach ice cream, catching lightening bugs and playing ball in the street.

What are some of your favorite memories from

4 Reasons to Consider Assisted Living for Mom

Recently we released a brand new infographic showing why people choose assisted living for their mothers. An assisted living environment has many benefits both for older women and for their families and loved ones who are concerned about their wellbeing. Today we wanted to look at some of those benefits in more detail.

Four of the key benefits called out in the infographic include:

#1 Relief from Social Isolation

Relief from social isolation. All too often we don’t realize how lonely older relatives feel when they live alone—or what a toll that can take on their health. Seniors typically have less opportunities for social visits or fun outings than they did when they were younger. They may look to family to be their main social outlet, but there’s a limit to what family members can provide, especially when working full-time … Read more...

Dogwood Forest of Alpharetta and School for Autism Host Prom

Posted by Kia Crawford on May 14th, 2015 in Alpharetta, GA, Spirit | No Comments

Never mind Buckingham– the King and Queen reside at Dogwood Forest of Alpharetta. Lion Heart School, an Alpharetta school for autism, along with residents at Dogwood Forest of Alpharetta danced the night away on Thursday, May 7. The improbable prom was featured on 11Alive during last night’s broadcast. Seniors from Lion Heart School organized the event and hosted it at Dogwood Forest of Alpharetta, a community the students visit for volunteerism each week. A Prom Princess from The Lion Heart School and King and Queen of the Prom from Dogwood Forest of Alpharetta were crowned.

The two organizations have worked together for some years. The relationship has proven to be beneficial for both groups though they are on opposite ends of the age spectrum. Autism, a developmental disorder that could potentially make communication challenging, and cognitive decline, which can hinder … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Frankie Brown

Posted by Kia Crawford on March 2nd, 2015 in Alpharetta, GA | No Comments

  Those of us who know her feel seriously that Frankie is much, much younger than a Centurion. Who would ever think of Frankie as a woman of 100 years of age? She is truly a beautiful human being and we are blessed she lives at Dogwood.

Frankie was born in Bonita, MS on March 1, 1915. The family moved from the country to Bonita and lived around her daddy’s people, one of which was Aunt Effie Blackwell, dad’s sister, and her cousin who Frankie loved so very much and spent a great deal of her childhood with. Aunt Effie’s husband had a big peach orchard and made his living selling sand from his sand pit to customers who manufactured concrete. She recalls the sand being transported by horse-drawn wagon in those days. Not many of us remember this form … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Dorothy Missfeldt

Posted by Kia Crawford on February 2nd, 2015 in Alpharetta, GA | No Comments

I was born Dorothy Ebbert in 1917 in Whitewater, WI . Our family, to include two brothers, eventually moved to a farm in Ft. Atkinson, WI. I recall during my childhood days driving a horse-drawn wagon with a dragging machine attached, for the purpose of picking up rolls of hay and tossing them into the wagon. When my brothers and I wanted to go to another town about 11 miles away on July 4th each year to experience the fireworks, the chores had to be done before we could leave.

Even though my ambition was to be a nurse, one of my teachers suggested I would be great as a math teacher due to my interest and abilities with numbers. So I went to college to be a teacher but after 18 months it was necessary that I leave school … Read more...

Saluting our Veterans: Veterans Day 2014

Having lived through times of world unrest, many of our community’s residents have faced great challenges as well as triumphs as veterans of the armed forces. Their personal memories from their service are forever etched in their minds, and their unique experiences forever etched in the bowels of world history. Today, we look upon their service and dedication with great reverence and a thankful heart for their courageous sacrifices. November 11th marks this nation’s Veterans Day. A day to remember the many that have served. Today each of our communities honored our senior veterans with a Veterans Day service in partnership with local ROTC programs and active members of the military.

Though many of our residents have served in all branches of the armed forces,  we would also like to mention our community directors  who have also served. Some of … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Cora Durden

Posted by Kia Crawford on September 6th, 2014 in Alpharetta, GA | No Comments

 I grew up in:

Brewton, Alabama which is located half way between Mobile and Montgomery.   Some of my favorite memories from childhood are:   Playing with my siblings. I had a brother eighteen (18) months older, a sister 2 years younger, and another sister who was ten (10) years younger than me.  This was during the Depression.

Some of my favorite memories from  adulthood are:

Marrying my husband, who I met at the age of 14 or 15 years old.

Raising my three daughters.

We lived in Europe, in Italy, until we had to evacuate to Germany.

We also lived in Washington, D.C.    My Profession (s):

I was a hairdresser, trained while still in high school.  My husband passed away in 1969 and I opened a beauty shop in Columbus, GA and retired in 1988.  I loved my profession and did … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Helen McColl

Posted by Kia Crawford on August 4th, 2014 in Alpharetta, GA | No Comments

Where was I born?

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama in an orphanage and a total of four (4) foster homes.

Some of my favorite memories from childhood are:

I don’t have a lot of good memories due to the circumstances, however those I do recall are:

Train rides from Birmingham to Indianapolis, particularly dining in the dining car. Vaudeville shows in Indianapolis. Skipping grades in school. I graduated from high school at the age of 15 years.

Some of my favorite memories from adulthood are:

Finding out I was pregnant for the very 1st time after trying for so many years. I loved being a stay-at-home mom doing arts and crafts and cooking demonstrations. Raising three girls. Working at the Warner Robbins AFB as an illustrator.

My Profession(s) were:

Worked in the telephone company in accounting as a draftsman.… Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Landon Smith

Posted by Kia Crawford on July 2nd, 2014 in Alpharetta, GA | No Comments

I grew up in:  

Charlotte, NC.

Some of my favorite memories from childhood are:

I was a showman from the very beginning and had lots of friends. Riding my motorbike and delivering newspapers.  This is how I earned money for the motor used on the bike. I became a magician at the age of 12 years old and performed at city schools, churches and birthday parties.


Some of my favorite memories from adulthood are:

Meeting my wife Izzie in Greensboro, NC.  We dated for about 18 months and I wanted to get married soon but she didn’t so we put if off for awhile. Raising my two girls. Being a magician.  I learned to never, ever, give away the secret of a trick.  I was self-taught. Painting pictures in acrylics.


My Profession(s):

I joined the Navy a few …

Resident Spotlight: Sylvia Howard

Posted by Kia Crawford on June 2nd, 2014 in Alpharetta, GA | No Comments

Where did you grow up?

Roswell, GA

What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood?

I loved doing fun and exciting activities with my four cousins who lived close by.  I was the youngest of the group.  Riding bikes with my brother who was 16 years older and my sister who was nine years older. 

What are some of your favorite memories from your adulthood?

Meeting my husband initially at school and dating for three years.  My husband and I and my sister and her husband would frequently visit interesting and nice places together.  We would visit my sister and her husband a lot in Florida where they lived near the beach.  Also, spending time with my two kids, a boy and a girl – we would also travel to the beach with the kids.  Attending Women’s Circle … Read more...

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