Best Halloween Activities for Seniors

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Laughing Halloween PumpkinsHalloween used to be a holiday that was considered to be one for children. Today, Halloween and the activities that come with it rival Christmas in popularity. Whether you run an assisted living community, have an elderly loved one or are a senior yourself, here are some of the best Halloween activities for older adults.

1. Jack O’Lanterns

Decorating pumpkins is a tradition that is well loved. If you aren’t sure whether handling a knife is altogether safe, consider painting the pumpkin or using permanent markers to create a fabulous design. There are tons of ideas on the Internet for those who would rather design a pumpkin without sharp implements involved.

2. Movie Marathon

Scary movies are a Halloween staple. Whether your favorite are old black-and-white flicks or newer “slasher” movies, consider having a scary movie marathon on Halloween night or over the weekend. A few bowls of popcorn and a favorite beverage will round out the activity nicely.

3. Spider Webs

Spider webs are great fun to make and an easy decoration anyone can use to make a room just a bit spookier. Spider webs can be made out of yarn, batting, floss or any other type of thready material found at the local craft store. Webs can also be strung from trees and outdoor landscaping to make a scary statement.

4. Scarecrows

Forget buying a scarecrow at the store. Make your own! An old pair of pants, a flannel shirt, gardening gloves and a paper sack are all you need to make a friendly scarecrow for a common area or porch. Stuff the clothing with straw or rags to give it a stuffed look and decorate a paper sack for the face.

5. Trick-or-Treat

Assisted living centers can host their own trick-or-treat event through the hallways. If you are living independently, buy a bag of candy and hand it out to the children that come to your door. There are a variety of ways to participate in trick-or-treat for adults of any age. Get creative with it and have fun.

6. Frightening Feasts

Come up with the perfect Halloween banquet and get everyone in on the action. Seniors can make some fantastically frightening foods with the right ingredients. Peeled grapes in jello feel scarily like eyeballs. Cold spaghetti can stand in for brains. Scour the Internet for some great Halloween recipes and get cooking.

Growing up doesn’t mean that you can’t take part in Halloween. In fact, the holiday is a favorite among people of all ages. Use the ideas above or come up with some of your own to make this Halloween one to remember.

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