Benefits of Geriatric Massage Therapy

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Female massage therapist massaging back of senior man in medical officeMany people in the country indicate that massage therapy is a vital component of their overall health and wellness. Massage isn’t just for athletes or the rich and famous. Massage has benefits for people of any age and walk of life, and those benefits continue as we age.

Massage therapy can be a non-invasive way of alleviating the symptoms related to age-related changes in the body. It can benefit the entire body, from head to foot. When you find a therapist who understands how to work with the aging body, you reap the benefits in a tremendous way.

What Is Geriatric Massage?

Geriatric massage is a form of massage therapy that meets the needs of an elderly person. Its intent is to help improve blood circulation, increase range of motion and decrease pain and discomfort. Geriatric massage can help increase certain physical functions, relieve depression and provide comfort and relaxation.

Benefits of Geriatric Massage

There are a variety of benefits realized by the person who has a massage, no matter their age. Many people report feeling better for days following a massage. With regular massage, a person will begin to understand when their body is asking for another. For the elderly community, massage offers:

  • Improvement in sleep quality
  • Stress relief, along with the relief of depression and anxiety
  • Reduction in pain and discomfort
  • Some restoration of mobility
  • Physical and mental relaxation
  • Increased quality of life

How Is Geriatric Massage Different?

Some people think that one massage is the same as another. This is not the case. There are a variety of techniques, each with a specific purpose and benefit. Geriatric massage:

  • Is conducted in short sessions. A massage of this type typically lasts about 30 minutes.
  • Uses gentle hand motions. Geriatric massage is gentle, with a goal of improving blood circulation and providing comfort.
  • Includes the hands and feet to relieve pain and prevent joints from becoming stiff.
  • May include manipulation of major joints in order to improve mobility.

We never grow out of our need to have our bodies pampered and cared for. You can certainly massage your own wrists and hands. Perhaps you can even massage your own feet and ankles. That said, a properly trained massage therapist can do these things in a way that benefits your mental and physical health. Imagine having relief from your discomfort without having to rely solely on medication. You deserve relaxation, and you deserve relief from your aches and pains.

Enjoying your Golden Years in comfort is more than just an idea, it is a possibility. If you are interested in geriatric massage or any services that our assisted living community in Atlanta can offer you, call our friendly staff. We are happy to provide more information and help you discover more about how we can help you restore and maintain your physical, spiritual and mental health. Call us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about the Dogwood Difference!