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Ways to Make the Senior Living Experience Fun

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senior living in dunwoody Georgia
Quality of Life at Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living is a valuable option for many. However, you may have assumptions about the quality of life in an assisted living community—thankfully, the days of bingo being the highlight of one’s week are over. Assisted living communities offer engaging and beneficial activities and amenities to complement a curious lifestyle. At Dogwood Forest in Dunwoody, Georgia, senior living residents pack in more fun and adventure into their days, are provided with more learning opportunities, and may even get more engagement than they do at home.… Read more...

Holbrook Life’s Commitment to Wellbeing

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An Update from Holbrook Life’s CEO



Holbrook’s communities function with an emphasis on quality of life and health. We are pleased to announce our communities will soon resume pre-pandemic operations, including freedom of choice regarding the vaccine for residents and associates. Holbrook’s communities have stayed lively, safe, healthy, and operational through the pandemic with day-to-day comforts, live entertainment, and compassionate visits with family members. We will enter a new phase of increased socialization and experiences to enable our residents to live their best lives.


“We believe that our residents and our associates have the God-given right to take care of their own bodies—whether it be through the vaccine, nutraceuticals, worldwide medical advances, and ways to fight infectious disease. We wholly support these rights as a company.”

— Al Holbrook, CEO and Chairman of Holbrook Life and Dogwood … Read more...

Optimal Immune System Protocol

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Coronaviruses, and especially COVID-19, have become a household word. It is important to have a protocol that optimizes the immune system to reduce the risk of spread of this and all viruses. A virus is not a living thing. It is a code contained in an envelope that has to attach to a cell in order to live and spread.The COVID-19 specifically attaches to the ACE 2 receptor cells in the nose, throat,lungs and other organs throughout the body. There is a lot that you can do to make your immune system stronger so that ifCOVID-19 or another virus enters your body, you can win the war against the viral invader. Read more...


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CORONAVIRUS / April 14, 2020

Re: Update to 4/9/2020 Letter – How Holbrook Life Communities are Handling COVID-19 According to Governor Brian P. Kemp’s Executive Order

Dear Residents, Families and Associates,

On April 9, 2020, we wrote to you that Governor Brian P. Kemp signed the Executive Order to Ensure the Safety of Employees and Residents of Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities. In the letter we reminded you of the community protocols and actions we are currently following. Please note that our Resident Return from Hospital or Other Care Facility protocol should read as follows.

To learn more: COVID 19 Letter to Dogwood Forest Family Resident Associates-Update

CORONAVIRUS / April 9, 2020 Staying Close with Your Senior Loved Ones During Covid-19

How do you keep in touch with your elderly loved ones without putting them at risk of developing … Read more...

Antiviral (Covid-19) Protocol for Possible Prevention or Relieving Symptoms and Enjoying a Long and Fruitful Life

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Friends, there is so much we don’t know about this virus. And we may not know for years. However, there is a lot of evidence-based protocols that stimulate the immune system, prepare it to fight viruses and raise its ability to withstand an “attack” on the body. Viruses like cancer cells, are always in the body. It’s the ability of your body to fight this with faith that gives you hope.

It is only a matter of time until we find both a short-term and a long-term solution. Viruses have been with us for a long time. There are hundreds, if not millions of viruses that infect or co-host all kinds of organisms, including mammals and can jump from animal to human. Therefore, we need to take COVID-19 seriously and continually monitor these ever changing asexual or some would … Read more...

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Loved One in Assisted Living

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Loved One in Assisted Living

Valentine’s Day is a time for love and showing affection to those who truly matter in your life. That does not have to change when your parent is in assisted living! The romance can continue no matter where Mom or Dad are living nowadays, and our team at Dogwood Forest Assisted Living  has a few tips for keeping the romance alive!

The key with all of these tips is to remember that whether or not your parents are in assisted living, celebrating a holiday like Valentine’s Day together is beneficial for all. You will get precious lifetime memories and they will feel the loved and appreciated.

4 Tips on a Having Lovely Valentine’s Day:

1. Design a Card Together: Not only is designing your own Valentine’s Day card much … Read more...

Making a Memory Journal, Keeping Family History While Building a Bond

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Making a Memory Journal, Keeping Family History While Building a Bond

There’s a common misconception that keeping a journal is only beneficial or fun for young kids. However, journaling can be enjoyable for all ages and walks of life! In fact, journaling is proven to greatly improve mental health, reduce stress, boost your mood, and keep your memory sharp. So how can you bring the benefits of keeping a journal to your loved one in assisted living in Dunwoody? We recommend starting a memory journal! A memory journal is a great way to keep family memories intact and spend quality time with your senior in assisted living Dunwoody!

Step One: Choose a journal

This can be any kind of notebook you’d like! This can be a standard notebook used for school or a pretty journal. Craft stores like Michaels or … Read more...

How Can I Help My Parents Enjoy Christmas While in Assisted Living in Dunwoody?

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How Can I Help My Parents Enjoy Christmas While in Assisted Living?

The holidays are the most wonderful time of year, and that doesn’t have to change because your parents are in assisted living. Whatever your family’s traditions, you can create a magical holiday season for your Mom or Dad.

Assisted living in Dunwoody makes it easy for residents, families, and staff to enjoy the holiday season without all the stress that usually comes with this time of year. Here are our tips for creating a meaningful, festive, and fun holiday season for your parents in assisted living:

Never isolate a parent while in assisted living Cold weather can keep people indoors for most of this season, so it’s even more important to make sure your loved one in assisted living has plenty of time for socializing and getting outdoors … Read more...

Celebrating Thanksgiving When Your Mom Has Dementia

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Dementia Does Not Have To Mean The End To Family Gatherings

Thanksgiving is a holiday focused around family, friends, and giving thanks while sharing a meal together. However, when your Mother, or any member of the family, is dealing with dementia, celebrating Thanksgiving may seem like a monumental task. The hustle and bustle that usually surrounds a holiday like Thanksgiving can be overwhelming for anyone living with dementia or Alzheimers.… Read more...

Adult Day Care, How It Works

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Adult Dare Care Dunwoody Georgia_Having Fun
Is Adult Day Care a Solution for Your Loved One?

Providing the support your loved one needs is a job that is neverending. Despite going the extra mile each day, you sometimes can’t commit to the time required to care for your loved one. Though your dedication is endless, time unfortunately isn’t. For those moments when you can’t physically be there to care for them, adult day care is a viable solution, but what exactly is adult care?

We’re here today to explore the ins and outs of adult day care, understanding that your job as a caregiver requires compassionate and tireless work. Is adult day care your solution? Let’s spend some time exploring this option.… Read more...