Documenting Our Patriots, Preserving Your Family’s History

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Today, we remember the veterans of our great country. As the years go by, more and more veterans from World War IIthe Korean War, and the Vietnam War are getting older and passing away. Their stories may be lost to future generations if not documented properly. As a leading assisted living facility, we are well-experienced in providing care for elderly veterans. In honor of the heroes who answered their country’s call in the time of need, we would like to share with you a few ways to keep their memories alive and preserve your family and our patriots’ histories. 

Your Assisted Living Provider Shares Recording Your Family’s Military History 

assisted living in dunwoodyIt can be uncomfortable starting a conversation about war experiences with the veterans in your family. One may feel afraid of saying the wrong thing or potentially bringing up traumatic memories. However, it’s important to recognize that connecting with veteran loved ones will help strengthen the bond in your family and preserve a history for future generations. Time is also of the essence as recalling details of service can become more difficult for the elderly as time passes by. Therefore, the sooner you can start the conversation, the more you can ensure that precious parts of your family’s history will not be forgotten. 

*Remember that depending on their time of service, some aspects of serving in the military, especially in war, can be too difficult to share, so always be respectful in making this request. If your loved one declines to participate, be respectful and honor their request to abstain. 

There are many different ways to preserve the legacy of the patriots in your family, but here is a couple for your reference. 


Create a Military Service Family Photo Book 

Photos are great for your family’s history book. Ask your veteran loved ones for photos that they still have from their service days. Going down memory lane of where and when the pictures were taken allows you to personally connect with them. Add in captions of dates, locations, and some thoughts on the occasion. You can also have these photos scanned and upload them online. There are several photo bookmaker websites that you can take advantage ofWhether the photos are printed or digital, they all carry valuable pieces of memory from the past 

“Photos allow us to reminisce and be grateful for where we are today in life thanks to the great sacrifices that our veterans loved one made.

Record an Interview 

assisted living in dunwoodyThis idea seems ambitious, but with the right equipment and appropriate questions, it can become something that your family will treasure for generations to come. First of all, you need to decide what format the interview will be recorded in, such as writing, audio, or video.

Second, make sure that you prepare to the best of your ability for the interview. Familiarize the interviewer with the facts of the war, schedule a specific time for the interview, and gather any photographs or heirlooms from the war that the interviewee might have. You can also come up with a list of questions to ask in advance, and here are some examples: 

  • What motivated you to join the military? 
  • What war(s) did you serve in? 
  • How were the boot camps? Could you share your experience with other soldiers in your unit? 
  • How did you stay in touch with your family? 
  • Did you make any close friendships during the time of your service? 

Be aware and considerate of your veteran loved one’s emotions and lead the interview accordingly. Feel free to continue the interview on another day (or not at all) should there be any signs of stress or overwhelming feeling.  


To Our Honored Veterans, We Say Thank You For Your Service!


Preserving the Well-Being of Our Country’s Veterans with Assisted Living in Dunwoody 

At Dogwood Forest, your assisted living provider, we salute the men and women who served our country. We’re grateful for their sacrifices for the nation, and taking care of their well-being is our top priority. Everything at Dogwood Forest is carefully planned to meet your veteran loved one’s needs. From our excellent, well-trained staff to our clinically proven positive environment, we have what it takes to provide the best care for the veterans in your family.  

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