Five Great Senior Online Sites For Staying Mentally Active

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Stressed, confused and bored, these are the feelings we are all going through during this incredibltough time of social distancing and isolation. For older adults, who might be at higher risk for COVID19, the quarantine it appears, will be lasting a bit longerBesides dealing with the loneliness, many seniors may develop resistance to challenging themselves mentally and staying active cognitively. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.  As the leading community in Acworth, and the Atlanta area, providing assisted living, we know that there are lots of online resources out there to keep your senior loved ones’ minds sharp. Here are five of our favorites. 

Online Resources That Can Keep Seniors Mentally Active

The key to staying mentally fit is to get into the habit of challenging your intellect and memory on a regular basisThanks to the Internet, your elderly loved ones are just a click away from all the websites that can boost their cognitive fitness. Here are some great websites that we, as your #1 assisted living community in Acworth, highly recommend.  

assisted living acworthAARP (American Association of Retired Persons) is a non-profit organization with the mission to “enhance the quality of life for all as we age.” Their website is filled with engaging, free content for seniors, including topics like healthy livingsocial securityand investing. In addition, they also offer a section called AARP Staying SharpBy being an active AARP member, seniors will have access to the Brain Health Assessment, Staying Sharp challenges, articles, and fun brain gamesOverall, is an excellent, informative website for aging adults. 

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a non-profit organization that places focus on spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks.” Within 18 minutes or less, your senior loved ones can get to hear experts around the world sharing great ideas about a wide variety of topicsWhat can you do to prevent Alzheimer’sHow has technology been evolving? The burning questions that your senior relatives (and yourself) have had may be answered through TED videos and that can definitely be very mentally satisfying for them. 


assisted living acworth 

According to the Pew Research Center, 62% of Internet users that are 65 and above are Facebook users. Besides a means to stay in touch with friends and families, according to a study, Facebook also has been proved to sharpen senior citizens’ mental abilitiesThere are plentiful of articles, or even brain games, for your seniors to explore on Facebook. In addition, it allows seniors to follow experts in different fields and be updated with their advice, especially during the coronavirus outbreak.

Suddenly is a top-rated website dedicated to providing senior related news along with fun entertainment. Offering online trivia quizzes, riddles as well as front-page news for senior adults. It is great resource for keeping the mind active while having a bit of fun.

Lumosity is a website offering cognitive and scientific games to improve everyone’s working memory and stimulate brain activity. As one of the most popular brain-training games available ( 60 million people worldwide use it), it offers limited access FREE as well as monthly and annual subscription options.

Much as there are plenty of great online resources for your senior loved ones to take advantage of, it’s also important that they take certain precautions when going online. Here are some Internet safety tips that we’ve put together: 

  • Do not open any files, links or attachments from unreliable sources 

  • Create strong and unique passwords (change them every 30 days) *Keep a log if it helps but store it safely. 

  • Only access and make purchases on websites that are secured, specifically contain https:// in the URL 

  • Update your antivirus software frequently 

  • Do not give out personal information on an unknown site 

Staying Mentally Active with Assisted Living in Acworth 

At Dogwood Forest, we help maximize our residents’ quality of life. Our wellness services and life enrichment programs are designed to help your aging relatives maintain a lifestyle that is both mentally and physically active. With locations in Dunwoody, Atlanta, Grayson, and Acworth, Dogwood Forest is ready to help, especially during this unprecedentedly challenging time. 

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