Today Show Spotlights the Impact of Alzheimer’s on Women

Posted by Kia Crawford on March 26th, 2014 in Mind | No Comments

More than 5 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease. However, historically, women have  been disproportionately affected by the debilitating disease. Last week, The Today Show broadcasted a segment based on a recent report released by the Alzheimer’s Association on how Alzheimer’s disease disproportionately affects women either as patients or caregivers .  Here are a few astonishing  facts presented in the report:

  1. According to Alzheimer’s Association, 3.2.million women have Alzheimer’s.
  2. At 65, 1 out 6 women will develop Alzheimer’s versus 1 out 11 men.
  3. When a woman reaches her 60’s, she is 2 times more likely to get Alzheimer’s than breast cancer.

Along with the recent report from the Alzheimer’s Association, a  another  informative Foundation,  Brightfocus,  funding for cancer is 10 times higher than funding for Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is the only leading cause death in the United  States that is currently on the rise, according to the Brightfocus Foundation.

The report released by the Alzheimer’s Association really enlightened those who may be unfamiliar with the disease  or  who are misinformed about Alzheimer’s and how it greatly impacts the lives of its victims and the people that love them. Televised reports such as this one brings awareness. Kudos to Today for this segment. Check out the segment below.


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