Adult Day Care Can Be a Lifesaver for the Whole Family

Posted by The Mauldin Group on September 29th, 2021 in Acworth Ga, Alpharetta, GA, Dunwoody, GA, Gainesville, GA, Grayson Ga. | No Comments

Adult Day Care In Dunwoody, Ga Can Make a Difference

Caring for senior family members is no easy task and finding ways to keep your senior loved ones engaged can be a challenge. Adult day care is an excellent way for senior family members to stay active, socialize, and gain back some sense of independence. Adult day care also takes some of the stress off of family caregivers by ensuring a safe, fun environment for their loved ones while they balance work and family life. Dogwood Forest offers inspired adult day care solutions in Dunwoody, Ga and other locations around the Atlanta area. For more information about the Dogwood Difference, click here.  

Adult Day Care Benefits 

Adult day care is an exciting service offered by Dogwood Forest in Dunwoody, Grayson, Gainesville, and Acworth, Ga that gives your senior family member a bustling social calendar without adding to your busy schedule! Let’s discuss some of the benefits adult day care can bring to your life. 

  • What is adult day care? Adult day care is a happy medium for those who need more hands-onadult day care in dunwoody ga care but aren’t ready for the switch to full time residency. Adult day care offers daytime care for your senior loved ones in a safe, fun environment. Senior adults will participate in exciting daily activities, outings, socialization, and wellness exercises. Snacks, meals, and medicine management are all included and can be arranged to fit any dietary needs.  
  • How can it help you and your family? Adult day care places your loved ones in the care of professional caregivers during the day, which gives you more time to work, run errands, or any other family needs. Caring for an older family member can be a heavy emotional load for family members. Balancing your own life, family needs, and schedule is already a lot, but adding in another person’s schedule and needs can be too much on one plate. Professional caregiving services, like adult day care, take some of the weight off.  
  • How can it help your senior loved ones? Senior loved ones will love adult day care! Their days will be filled with new friends, fun activities, and exciting outings, all while in the care of loving professionals. Your family members will get to socialize on their own and engage in fun physical exercise activities.  

Dogwood Forest Senior Adult Daycare Services senior living in dunwoody Georgia

At Dogwood Forest, we understand the stress many families may bear when it comes to caring for a senior loved one alone. Our professional team of caregivers can work with you to create an adult day care agenda that best suits the needs of your family member.

Dogwood Forest offers extensive senior care options when it comes to adult day care. We also offer access to rehabilitation services for post-operative recovery if that fits the needs of your family member. Our highly-trained staff will make your family members feel right at home at Dogwood Forest. We have convenient locations in Dunwoody, GA, and the surrounding Atlanta area.  

Let us show you what a difference enriched and inspired senior care can make in the lives of your senior family members. For more information, call us at (770)691-3900, or click here to contact us.