5 Things to Know About Adult Day Care 

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Adult Day Care Relieves Stress While Offering Socialization

Caring for an elderly loved one is more challenging than anyone may have previously imagined. While you may relish on the thought of spending more time with your aging parents being the primary caregiver can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Having an professional adult day care provider in be the perfect solution. As the primary caregiver to your loved one can be both a blessing and a challenge. When things start to get too hard and you feel you need a breather, you can rely on Dogwood Forest, a credible adult day care in Dunwoody, GA to save the day.

Adult Day Care in Dunwoody, GA: Why Should You Consider It?

Caregiving is never an easy task. If you think that rearing a child is a difficult job, wait until you have experienced taking care of an elderly loved one. It can be far more challenging, to say the least.

By becoming your parents’ primary caregiver, you need to cope up with the physical demands of the job, adapt your schedule to fit their needs, and be prepared to make some extremely hard choices. Even your relationship with your spouse, children, and friends may be put to the test as you devote more and more time to your new role.

Without the proper support system, the pressure can be too much for anyone to bear – and that’s basically why you need to consider adult day care.

What You Need to Know about Adult Day Care


What is adult day care and what is its importance? In a nutshell, adult day care is a planned program of activities for older adults requiring supervised care during the day. Conducted in a professional care setting, it allows seniors to interact and socialize with other people while receiving health and medical services.

Want to learn more about it? Here are five things you need to know to better understand and appreciate this important resource for caregivers.

There are different types of adult day care. Generally, there are three types of adult day care. There are those that focus on providing medical care, those that zero in on social interaction, and those that specialize on providing care for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Adult day care centers offer a wide range of services. Different facilities may have different features but the majority will most likely offer the following the services:

  • Providing proper nutrition, including special diets
  • Personal care and grooming
  • Basic health services
  • Transportation to and from the center
  • Support services for caregivers

Some people are better candidates than others. Generally, adult day care is most suitable for seniors who satisfy the following criteria:

  • Mobile but can no longer structure their daily activities and can’t be safely left at home on their own
  • Physically or cognitively-challenged but does not require 24-hour supervision
  • Lives with someone who works or is frequently outside the home
  • Isolated, lonely, and desires companionship

adult-day-care-dunwoody-ga-eatingAdult day care helps seniors enjoy a better quality of life. Based on a 2017 review published in The Gerontologist, there is sufficient evidence proving that such programs provide health, behavioral, and psychological benefits to participants. Specifically, it:

  • Allows participants to get appropriate physical exercise to reduce the risk of falls
  • Provides a safe and familiar place for seniors to receive health and medical services
  • Offer activities that foster mental and emotional stimulation
  • Provides supervised activities to improve the participants’ daily living skills that will allow them to maintain their level of independence and keep them living at home longer
  • Gives seniors a chance to build new friendships

It offers primary caregivers respite from their duties. No one said it would be easy but you still took the job. No matter how noble your intentions are, you can’t deny that you also need some time out. By allowing your aging parent to participate in such a program, you are giving yourself a much-needed break from your routine. Leaving them in a secure environment gives you the time to attend to your personal needs, enjoy time with family and friends, or just spend the day relaxing and pampering yourself without worrying about their safety.

Adult Day Care in Dunwoody, GA

Caring for an elderly loved one comes with insurmountable responsibility. Let us help take some of that burden off your shoulders so you can continue caring for your aging parents at home for longer. For more information and to learn more about our Adult Day Care services, Contact Us or call us at (404)996-1013 today.