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Finding the Right Post-Hospital Care for Seniors

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Physiotherapist helping old senior woman on treadmill with handles

For younger people, a trip to the hospital often results in a simple discharge, maybe a couple days of rest, and then continuing on with life as usual. But for seniors, the recovery process is often much longer. They may need physical therapy, nursing care and other services to fully recover. Without professional assistance, many seniors find their health worsens after a hospital visit.

The good news is, there are a few different options for post-hospital care. What kind of services you choose will depend on many factors, including price, availability and simple personal preference. Read on to learn about these different options.

Rehab Centers/Skilled Nursing Facilities

If your loved one will require around-the-clock care while they recover, a skilled nursing facility may be the best option. While this may sound like an expensive choice, Medicare often covers the … Read more...

The Most Dangerous Medicines for Seniors

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Hands of senior woman putting pills into pill box

As people get older, they naturally need more medical care to stay healthy. Part of that care is prescription medicines. With so many new drugs on the market, and new ones being released seemingly on a daily basis, keeping track of which ones are safe for our elderly loved ones is a necessity. Unfortunately, doing so is not always easy.

The American Geriatrics Society regularly updates a list of medicines that have been proven to be dangerous. This list, called the Beers List (after the doctor who originally created it), is used by medical professionals all over America. However, it is a good idea to be aware of the medicines on the list to make sure your loved one isn’t taking a drug that could be unnecessarily harmful.

How the List Is Organized

The Beers List was first created by …