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8 Signs It’s Time for Assisted Living

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8 Signs It’s Time for Assisted Living

Moving a senior to assisted living is a big choice. It can be hard to know for sure whether your parent or loved one truly needs assisted living, especially if they say they prefer living alone. But often their care needs will advance to a point where assisted living truly is the best choice—not only for their health, but for their safety and happiness as well.

Here are eight signs that show it’s time to consider assisted living:

Weight loss or weight gain. For seniors, noticeable weight change can be a bad sign. Often it’s a hint that your loved one is no longer eating what they used to. For many seniors that means weight loss as they forget to make meals, try to avoid the hassle of cooking, or just “nibble.” Weight… Read more...

Resident Grace Marchal Altenhofen

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Where did you grow up? Grace was born in Washington DC on March 15, 1925 and she grew up in Washington DC /Maryland. She grew up the middle child with 2 sisters and then her Mom had two other children a girl and a boy from another marriage. Grace states that the half sister and half brother are about the same age as her children. Grace attended a one and two room school and graduated from High School.

What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood? Grace states that she remembers when she was a child having a hurricane go through the area that she lived in and after the storm passed she went out and found items belonging to others and she returned the items to their owners and got a nickel for each returned item. She … Read more...