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4 Reasons to Consider Assisted Living for Mom

Recently we released a brand new infographic showing why people choose assisted living for their mothers. An assisted living environment has many benefits both for older women and for their families and loved ones who are concerned about their wellbeing. Today we wanted to look at some of those benefits in more detail.

Four of the key benefits called out in the infographic include:

#1 Relief from Social Isolation

Relief from social isolation. All too often we don’t realize how lonely older relatives feel when they live alone—or what a toll that can take on their health. Seniors typically have less opportunities for social visits or fun outings than they did when they were younger. They may look to family to be their main social outlet, but there’s a limit to what family members can provide, especially when working full-time … Read more...

Dunwoody Commemorates September 11 with Breakfast

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Dogwood Forest of Dunwoody Host Heroes Breakfast for Emergency Personnel and Military for September 11

A somber event in American history took place September 11, 2001. Fourteen years later, lives lost on that day have not been forgotten, but forever etched in our memories. In honor of them, we celebrate emergency personnel and soldiers who put their lives on the line daily. For their dedication to public service, Dogwood Forest of Dunwoody is hosting a “Thank You: Celebrating Our Heroes” breakfast on Friday, September 11th. All emergency personnel including Fire, Police, and EMT are welcomed. And as always, we will also honor our veterans and members of the armed forces. Please join us as we thank those courageous men and women who serve the pubic risking their lives everyday. We want to honor you and your bravery!

Please Come and

Resident Spotlight: Trudie Hayward Corley

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Where did you grow up? Trudie was born on October 13, 1926 in Waycross Georgia and she grew up in Waycross, Georgia. She was the youngest child with 2 sisters and 1 brother. She graduated from Waycross High School. While in High School, Trudie was involved in the theater and performed in a play with her classmate Pernell Roberts who later starred in TV show Bonanza.

What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood? Trudie states that her father worked for the railroad and they were able to get train passes to be able to travel and she has good memories of traveling places with her family. She also remembers visiting family friends who had a horse and she had a lot of fun riding the horse but was sore after that. Trudie also remembers visiting her older … Read more...