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Thanksgiving With Your Senior Loved One: 7 Dementia Signs to Look For

Posted by Kia Crawford on November 26th, 2014 in Education, Holidays, Mind | No Comments

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means the holidays are officially upon us. Families all around the country are all gathering together to give thanks and to feast until they can barely move. Yes, this is a great time in America! But the holiday season is also the time that you may notice that an aging loved one isn’t who they once were. They may not be as independent anymore or perhaps not as lucid. You may notice some physical changes. Maybe they are falling or needing assistance to move around. You may also notice that they are speaking in loops, repeating themselves frequently during conversation or  you are having to repeat yourself frequently while conversing with them. These could all be a signs of cognitive decline.

Spotting early signs of dementia happens most often during holiday gatherings because this is the … Read more...

Saluting our Veterans: Veterans Day 2014

Having lived through times of world unrest, many of our community’s residents have faced great challenges as well as triumphs as veterans of the armed forces. Their personal memories from their service are forever etched in their minds, and their unique experiences forever etched in the bowels of world history. Today, we look upon their service and dedication with great reverence and a thankful heart for their courageous sacrifices. November 11th marks this nation’s Veterans Day. A day to remember the many that have served. Today each of our communities honored our senior veterans with a Veterans Day service in partnership with local ROTC programs and active members of the military.

Though many of our residents have served in all branches of the armed forces,  we would also like to mention our community directors  who have also served. Some of … Read more...