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Going Green with Smoothies for Seniors

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Seniors should go green… go green with their smoothie!  I know, I know– green is not the desired color of choice for a smoothie for most people. As a matter of fact, many squirm and frown at the thought of it. I went through the same process. Greens blended to a creamy consistency reminded me of baby food. And then one day, I decided that I would finally buckle down, get serious about my health and I sucked it up…both figuratively and literally.  I was actually pleasantly surprised. Now, for all of you who were munching on kale out the womb, this post isn’t for you. It’s for the newbies to smoothie living, and specifically for seniors who are trying to pack a serious punch in their nutrition.

Why Green is the Thing for Seniors?

Green smoothies are packed with …

Resident Spotlight: Betty Gee Nunn

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Where did you grow up? 

Betty was born in Baltimore Maryland on March 17, 1937 and she grew up in the same area that she was born in.  She grew up the oldest child with 3 sisters.  Today just the youngest sister is still living in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Betty attended and graduated from Coppen State University with a degree in education and received a Masters Degree in Education from Morgan State University.

What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood? 

Betty’s stories from her childhood centered on everyday family life in a family with 4 girls and parents wanting to raise respectable young women.  Betty remembers stories of going visiting on Sunday afternoons and attending church.

What are some of your favorite memories from your adulthood? 

Betty met her future husband, Jerome Nunn, through friends of her … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Meet Mrs. Birdie

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Where did you grow up?

Birdie was born December 18, 1936, in Henry County, Georgia, and she grew up in Henry County also. She grew up the youngest child in a family with two half-sisters and one half-brother and one sister. Her sister is still living.

What are some of your favorite memories from childhood?

Birdie’s  favorite childhood memory is going with all of her family to a river in Henry County in the summer to go swimming to escape the heat and her family would take a picnic and spend the day swimming in the river. She also remembers her dad at Halloween getting a flatbed truck and putting hay in the back and the family would go to a Halloween party together and have a good time.

What are some of your favorite memories from your adulthood?

Birdie …

Changing Our Mindset on Exercise…Even If We Really Don’t Want To

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Most of us have a love hate relationship with exercise. We love the way it makes us look and feel, but we hate to do it. However as humans, we were created by God to be mobile creatures with ability to use all of the 640 muscles in our bodies. Our bodies were designed to move and MUST move in order to work properly. We have to devote the time necessary to ensure our bodies are performing at its peak levels. After all, if we are good to our bodies, our bodies will be good to us.

Although, you would want to start good exercise habits earlier in life, it’s truly never too late to get moving, and still reap the benefits. Many seniors in our Dogwood Forest communities find a way to exercise each day. We have walking … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Marion ‘Bunny’ Ayers

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Marion (Bunny) Ayers grew up in Gainesville, GA.  Her favorite childhood memory is when they built a new two story home.  Some of her favorite adulthood memories are traveling the U.S. with four school teachers, leading a good friend to accept Christ, going to the Business School and working seven years for the Welfare office.  She remembers the tornado of 1936.

She is most proud of working on the church staff with children, youth and adults.  She says “Let go, and let God have his way in your life. Make God ahead of your family and home.”

She came to Holbrook for more help and because she did not want to live alone.  She says The Holbrook is a great place to live and has loving people.… Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Otis Brooks

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Our resident spotlight this month is Otis Brooks.  Otis grew up in Decatur, Georgia, just outside Atlanta, Georgia.  His favorite memory as a child was attending schools in Decatur from elementary through high school.  Otis stated, “The students had a feeling the teachers really cared for them.  The school was good at picking out your strengths and helping you with them.”  Other great memories as a child were the community as a whole.  “Great neighbors and good friends, close knit community.”  

Otis served in the Army during World War II as a Private First Medic for three years.  He was called to serve the Lord as a pastor in the Southern Baptist Church.  Some of his favorite memories as an adult were the churches he served as a pastor.  He feels very fortunate that he has great memories of each … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Eleanor Smith

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Independent Resident Spotlight

Eleanor Smith is one of the newest residents of Chateau Vestavia independent.  She is a petite lady with a bright smile and a twinkle in her eyes. Eleanor is very friendly and easy to talk with. She and her beautiful cat, Precious, are very good friends. She shared a picture album with me that contained pictures of Precious and her four baby kittens. There is evidence of Eleanor’s love for cats all over her apartment. She has a collection of china tea pots displayed in her apartment. An extensive collection of lovely crystal figurines is enclosed in a glass display case near a window reflecting the outdoor light.

Eleanor was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania where she lived with her parents, two brothers and two sisters. They later moved to New York City where she graduated from high … Read more...