Resident Spotlight: Linda H. Butler

Posted by Kia Crawford on September 17th, 2013 in Dunwoody, GA | No Comments

Linda was born in “NOLA” – New Orleans, LA.

Fond memories of Linda’s childhood include Sunday afternoons with family and friends making homemade ice cream and eating pound cake in the backyard. Attending parades on St. Charles Avenue and schools closing for a few days to celebrate Carnival were exciting. Mr. Jeff was the first physical education teacher in her school introducing dodge ball, running and relays to her. In the sixth grade, Linda recalls the assassination of J.F.K. and shedding many tears.

After attending SUNO (Southern University of New Orleans), Linda worked as a phlebotomist and an HIV case manager. In 2004 while traveling to a blood drive, she was involved in an accident that severed her spine. When released from the hospital, Linda lived with one of her four children, Gena.

Along comes Hurricane Katrina, and evacuation to …